Recovery Password Using PhpMyAdmin and Cpanel

Go to Cpanel Go to PhpMyAdmin Select your Database Click on SQL Tab Run the next code UPDATE {PREFIX}users SET password = sha1(‘YOUR NEW PASSWORD’) where is_admin=’1′ This code update the password for all administrator to the new, if you want restore tusing the username then run the next code […]

jQuery Selectors for Template

If you are a Developer, maybe this can help you to customize your script jQuery Selectors Class: $(“..btn-clear-playlist”): Clear Playlist $(“..btn-music-folder.”): Load my music folder $(“..btn-add-music-folder”): Open modal for save current playlist into a new folder $(“.btn-activity-page”): Load activity page $(“..btn-login”): Show login modal dialog $(“..btn-register”): Show register modal dialog […]

Child Themes Musik

How to Create a Child Theme? Create file CSS with the name for the child theme on o assets/css/themes/musik/skins/ folder   Create custom views (application/modules/music/views/ajax/templates/musik/) append _SKINNAME to the name file example:   For the main template is the same process, you can create musik_example.php (application/modules/music/views/templates/) Go to admin panel >settings […]

How can create custom skin?

Create your new skin into assets/css/themes/musik/skins/ folder  Put your custom CSS into the new file css (You can use Important tag for overwrite others styles) Save your new skin and go to admin panel >settings > theme desktop > Setting current theme  (Make sure that you have musik theme selected)  […]

Where is cache files?

If you want remove cache files using ftp or cpanel, you can find it on folder with name “/cache/ ” tracks: Have all cache files to songs sitemap: Have all cache files to sitemap playlist: Have all cache files to playlist pictures: Have all pictures cached embed: Have all cache files to embed module artist: Have […]