Where I find all themes?

Youtube Music Engine Included 5 Themes and more that 20 Skins Galaxy Smart Galaxy Prem YME Orange Box (6 Skins)  Default Blue Dark Green Purple Red Default (17 Skins)  Amelia Boske Cerulean Cosmo Cyborg Darkly Flat Flatly Journal Lumen Redeable Simplex Slate Spacelab Superhero United Musik Extended Module is a […]

Using Youtube v3 Api

  Note: The YouTube Data API (v2) has been officially deprecated as of April 20, 2014. Please refer to our deprecation policy for more information. Please use the YouTube Data API (v3) for new integrations and migrate applications still using the v2 API to the v3 API as well. For active […]

New Module Spotify

Features Login With Spotify Account Import Playlist to Music Folder Import Follows Playlist Synchronize Playlist From Spotify to Youtube Music Engine (This Features is Available only with Musik Extended Module) Replace Search Engine Last.fm to Spotify (Only Searches and this is optional) Estimated Release Date: 25 Apr 2015

Create an Application on Spotify

Go to https://developer.spotify.com/my-applications Click on “Create an Application” Button Fill “Application Name” and “Description Name” Click on Create Click on Redirect URIs “ADD URI” Button Put “http://YOURSITE.COM/spotify” Click on “ADD” Button Repeat step 6 and 7 but now adding “http://www.YOURSITE.COM/spotify” Click on “SAVE” Button Now you have “Client ID” and “Cliente Secret” […]