Change “/admin” url to custom

If you want change the access to admin to[CUSTOM] only need follow the next steps Edit “application/config/route.php” file Change $route[‘admin’] = “dashboard/admin”; to $route[‘YOUR_CUSTOM‘] = “dashboard/admin”; Save. Done! NOTE: You can use reserve words (track,artist,tags,search,station,user,page,sitemap)

Submit Sitemap to Google

Go to Click “Add a Site” Button Enter your url website Now need very your site Select “Alternate methods” Tab Select HTML Tag Option Copy the code int content tag <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”THIS_CODE” /> In other window open the admin panel script and go to Settings > Website Put the code […]


Goto ​Admin Panel > Modules & Updates    Upload the module package. This will be “Sitemap Youtube Music Engine”  or similar. It is not the zip file, if you only have this file, you will need to extract the”Sitemap Youtube Music Engine” first.   If you get this message after upload then […]