Coming soon new Module with template

Working in new extend module with template (musik), what do you think about it?

Some Features:

  • Search Album
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Top Page Artist/Tracks
  • Admin Panel: Users Online
  • Chat System
  • Login With Facebook
  • Follow Friends
  • QRCode Download MP3

Releaseย Date: 31 Oct 2014

Release Date: 18 Oct 2014

Musik extend module for Youtube Music Engine
See Demo


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  1. cesar2305

    Looks amazing. I am waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. matt

    With Facebook Login, it would be nice to auto post to user’s facebook when they sign up saying something like Check out this new website I just joined

    – Would like to see the Play Radio button on Artists pages
    – The ability for users to create their own radio stations and share with friends. There should be a Radio page with all created radios from members
    – Not impressed with Disguise message feature. Users should not have to sign up for disguis to comment. It should already be implemented with their site’s user name
    – Favorite Songs and Favorite Albums feature needs to be added

  3. DameMP3

    No puedo esperar maaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
    Deseando que llegue el 31 de octubre!

  4. monbran

    That’s great. Personally, I feel that it would be more easy if the button to display videos were at the bottom like the theme of Galaxy.
    I would like to know what following users means.

    By the way, there is an user who keep playing same song over 48 hours on my site.
    (I do not know whether you want to promote a song or the harassment)
    It is not a big problem, but it is difficult to control especially in these cases without IP restrictions.
    As it is easy to make user account immediately .

  5. russ

    It would be nice to have the playlist display similar to how it is displayed on SounDice. The right sidebar is becoming way too cluttered and this would allow for more information to be added to the page and be above the fold

    It is a beautiful theme but there’s just too much going on with it throughout the site

    I know this is still a ways before launch but a lot of the pages are not changing when clicked on a song… The lyrics are very hidden if you are not on the Song Page!&track=Don%27t-Kill-the-Magic#

    When I click on a song, the lyrics should change

    I wish the PLAY button would act like the “i” button… when you click it it loads up the song and shows the song page with the lyrics

    Good job so far.. it’s a nice clean theme

  6. russ

    I would also like to suggest having one log in. With the current comments feature, users have to log in to the site, then they have to register for a Disqus account. That’s a huge turn off.

    It would also be nice to have a Location Field and a Favorite Genre Field where users can select their favorite music genres and add their location so other members can learn where everybody is from around the world.

  7. I love the design. There has to be a way around the mobile play issue. I’ll see what I can do and share with you. Awesome script.

  8. JohnDoe2014

    Looks amazing Good job @jodacame

  9. cjxtr

    wow ! getting the update earlier than we expect ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are the man ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wow… There are some goodies will be coming up, then… Would you mind adding Embed playlist feature for blog or site? So it allows user to embed their playlist on their blog.. I thought it’s pretty cool to get some back link, though.

  11. Harish

    why do not you work on mobile site as well.

    it is not working in mobile

  12. kaiss92

    You just have to find away to convert the music streamed out of Youtube to an AJAX player then goes into the speakers. This is one issue, the other issue which is the playback thing, it has to be implemented with HTML5 instead of Flash, this way it will work on mobile phones, and also it will be quicker ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. dsa20p

    did u add the search album feature yet ? i dont see the newest albums yet

  14. rhaney

    It took me a while to like this theme… but after a few new additions.. I absolutely love it.