Cache Sitemap

The cache files refresh every 24 hours

How do I Clear my Sitemap’s Cache?

Using Admin Panel

  1. Go to Admin Panel > Sitemap
  2. Click on “Clear Cache” File
  3. Done!

Using FTP

  1. Connect to your site
  2. Go to cache/sitemap/ folder
  3. Remove all files with .xml extension

My Cache Not Work

if you get error “Please set permissions to folder cache/sitemap if folder not exist read this documentation” or “Forbidden error” follow the next steps.

  • Create folder “sitemap” into “cache” folder
  • Set Write Premission (777) to folder “sitemap”
  • Create .htaccess file into “sitemap” folder
  • Put “Allow from all” text into .htaccess file
  • Done!


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