Enable Login With Facebook

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/
  2. Click on My Apps Menu Screenshot at 08-06-03
  3. Click on Add a New Aapp Button Screenshot at 08-06-42
  4. Click on Website Menu Screenshot at 08-07-51
  5. Click on Skip and Create App ID Screenshot at 08-09-15
  6. Fill the fields
    1. Display Name: Name for your APP
    2. Category: Apps for Page Screenshot at 08-10-10
  7. Click on Create App ID Screenshot at 08-11-29
  8. Now you see your App ID and App Secret Screenshot at 08-13-24
  9. The next steps is for enable login feature:
    1. Click on Settings Menu Screenshot at 08-16-00
    2. On Field App Domains Put your Domain and Contact Email Put your emailScreenshot at 08-17-58
    3. Click on +Add Platform and Select Website Screenshot at 08-21-24
    4. Fill Site URL with your url 
      Screenshot at 08-24-44
    5. Click on Save Changes Screenshot at 08-19-11
    6. Go to Status & Review Menu Screenshot at 08-25-36
    7. Set Live Features Yes Screenshot at 08-26-21
    8. Go Again to Settings Menu Screenshot at 08-16-00
    9. Click on Show Button for See App Secret Screenshot at 08-28-11
    10. Now you have App ID and App Secret 

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