How I Can Get Youtube Data API?



  1. Go to
  2. Make new Project step1
  3. Wait… step2
  4. Enable API step3
  5. Search and Active Youtube  Data API step4
  6. Go to Credentials step5
  7. Create New API step6
  8. Select Browser Key step7
  9. Add * and click on Create707x376xstep8 
  10. Done step9
  11. Copy/Paste this on your admin panel “Youtube Api KEY”Screenshot at 07-23-14


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  1. if you get continuos video error (4seconds) and if you have lots of visitors on your site, you should have the api to avoid being banned by youtube.

  2. isbkch

    Awesome. I haven’t bought the script yet (I’m just doing my research to see if it works for this idea I have ^^).

    So I imagine we have an interface in the backend where we add this api key yeah ?